FREE THE WOMEN OF THE WORLD! Release them from bondage! Break their chains! Untie the knots which bind them! Unlock the emotional and physical prisons which confine them!

ETHICIANS have an obligation to help women become everything that God designed them to be so that they can reach their full potential as nurturers, peace makers, mothers, political leaders, and ethical captains of industry.

Tragically women in many modern nations believe themselves to be free when in fact they have only adapted the baser characteristics of men and thus they rise within male dominated society as little macho men.

They lose their femininity by taking up blood sports, and by becoming ‘one of the boys’. They have thus freed themselves from one type of shackles to become a new kind of prisoner.

God gave women many positive attributes which for the most part He denied to men and it is wrong for men to coerce women into giving up those special blessings in order to perform in a man’s world.

If women truly become free to be themselves we will have a better world. For example:

1. Women have a natural intuition which allows them to see into the hearts and souls of others to a greater degree than men. In negotiating for world peace women can much better detect honesty, sincerity and integrity on the part of others thus giving them a talent which gives them the advantage in negotiating.

2. Women have a natural affinity for beauty which if allowed to blossom, would make our cities, towns, and industries more beautiful. We would be surrounded by flowers, trees, birds and butterflies rather than by a concrete jungle.

3. Women have a natural instinct toward nurturing which if unleashed would curtail the cruelty of bullfights, rodeos, factory farms, and other abusive practices which bring misery to God’s animal children.

The flip side of the equation is that women who perform like men in a male dominated macho world can become just as cruel, just as warlike, just as vengeful, just as greedy, and in many cases in order to break through the ‘glass ceiling’ become even more so.

We must FREE THE WOMEN of the world to be the wonderful, loving, artistic, intuitive, nurturing creatures as designed by God and not force them into a new servitude as second-class men in female bodies..


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